Monday, May 23, 2011

Rolling in the deep 05-23-11

Rolling in the deep
Okay so I've been listening to "rolling in the deep"....the awesome Adele version and the sorta okay Glee version. And it is so perfect for the type of  romantic relationships I tend to have. "Finally I can see you crystal clear", so often I tend to have this romantic image of men in my mind and it isn't until the end that the mask is removed and the truth comes out (another great song "say you're sorry, by sara bareilles..... so if you see him man neath the mask, tell him I'm leaving and not looking back). "The scars of you love, remind me of us, they keep me thinking that we almost had it all"..... such beautiful lyrics.... even if its not love you think about how after things turn sour you are left with traits of the person...  I've had it be anything from a pair of socks, a song you that makes you think of them, a movie you saw for the 1st time together, their favorite thing to do and so much other things..... make you think of them and how it "was" or how you imagined it would it is totally different then what you thought you'd have. Basically its such a beautiful song and it sucks that relationships have to end that way, that people you trust turn out to not be who you believed they are.
Secret Life
Just finished watching my abc monday night shows.... Secret life and make it or break it............... first of all while both addicting shows the names are way too long..... secret life of the american teenager is by far the stupidest chessiest show on tv but its soooo bad its good..... I think they need to kill off a teen character and get some new ones so they can stop swapping partners I swear this show is like Swingers Club the high school edition! And they all "love" each other and talk about sex every five minutes. 2 of my friends introduced me to a drinking game where every time they say the word sex you take a shot haha had i been playing tonight I would have seen wasted haha. Do the writers really think thats how tells talk and feel....I know its been a while (not that long) since I was in high school but the dialogue is ridiculous

Make it or break
Its a much better more realistic and better written show. But where is my girl Emily K. (and always wondering why does she have an asian last night haha)! It was a heart moving moment to see the U.S girls win at Worlds (spoiler alert) but it didn't seem right without our local underdog. Also yay Pacen for finally opening her self to love and omg sticking that one legged landing (no lesbo) but that sh!t was hot! haha
As far as Lauren goes I am sick of her doing really crappy things to the people she "cares" about and then crying her mascara away and them forgiving her.
While the "it girl" Kailye is pretty and nice I find her and most of her story lines boring... how many times can we listen to the problems of the "poor little rich girl".

Now for some old school degrassi...... before Jimmy was Drake and before all the kids made me feel like a chhild molestor for watching the show.

Peace, one love I'm out :)

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